Posting Information

Posting time can be very stressful. Let us help you plan your posting, particularly in relation to your family’s special needs.A Posting Plan looks at everything that your family may need and together we work through each area, what to do and how to access. Starting from when you receive a posting order we look at what services you may need in your new location. Depending on the special needs, this may cover things like therapy, early intervention, medical and allied services, equipment, post school options and education. It may cover respite, personal care and medications and housing or even what to think about when you are travelling to your new place. We take you through step by step, help you with any Recognition of Special Needs or Assessment of Assistance on Posting applications for Defence, referrals and linking you in with the relevant people in the new location, check up with you along the way and when you arrive at your new destination, we will call you to see how you are going.You may be unaware of the independence of Defence Special Needs Support Group.
The group was formed under the patronage of the Chief of Defence Force and the Minister responsible for Defence personnel (1993), but as a specialised support organisation external to Defence. We are an external Not For Profit organization that works closely with ADF special needs families. DSNSG does not have access to PMKEYS, posting information, changes in family details or contact information, so we rely on the families to advise us of any changes. Some Families are still under the impression that we may have access to this information.
It is also important to note that DSNSG National Committee Members meet annually, as a minimum, with the Minister for Defence and Chief of Defence Force.
DNSSG is not a part, nor under the umbrella of DFA, we are a complete different entity.
It is important for the families to contact DSNSG when they are being posted or if any circumstances have changed.Contact the National Coordinator on 1800 037 674 or via email at

To assist you with your posting you may need one or more of the following:

  • Application for Recognition of Special Needs
  • Assessment of Assistance on Posting
  • Application for Assistance with Respite, Therapy Services,
  • Personal Care or Equipment Hire

Note: Changes to the Defence Recognition of Special Needs Application Process – Support to Families with Special Needs

As of 01 July 2010, you now do not need to see a Defence Social Worker to undergo the ‘Recognition of Special Needs Process’ or the ‘Assessment of Assistance on Posting’. Instead, whether applying for special needs recognition, assessment of assistance on posting or therapy services, families will now send their application forms and supporting documentation directly to Defence Community Helpline ( for processing. The process brings only the administrative side of the program into DCO HQ. Professional social work will still be available to special needs families if required.

Information detailing the application process is available from the Defence Family Helpline or the DCO website and consist of:

  • An information flyer providing broad information on the Program
  • Application forms
  • A copy of the Member with Dependants with Special Needs determination that provides families with important details regarding the program including eligibility criteria, the roles and responsibilities of DCO staff and definitions.



Defence Special Needs Support Group Inc 1800 037 674

Defence Community Organisation 1800 624 608

Defence Families Australia 1800 100 509

Kookaburra Kids 1300 566 525 or 02 9525 7474

Open Arms – Veterans and Families Counselling (VVCS) 1800 011 046

Lifeline 13 11 14

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) 1800 277 328

Autism Advisory and Support Service 02 9601 2844

Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre 1800 052 222

Centrelink  Financial Assistance 13 27 17

Housing Support risk of homelessness NSW: 1800 152 152 NT: 1800 682 288 QLD 1800 474 753 SA 1800 003 308 TAS 1800 800 588 VIC 1800 825 955 WA 1800 199 008